Elementary Teacher

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330
Position Intermediate Lead Teacher
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Degrees: BA, BS
Organization Type Youth

Be a part of our vibrant growing community! Opening for a teacher in our elementary school for General Studies, intermediate grades.

Our Mission:

To help our students reach their full potential through a challenging, academically advanced curriculum and a warm, supportive environment that promotes critical thinking, creative expression, self-esteem, and Jewish ethics.

Imagine a place where learning is an active, engaging journey of exploration and discovery, challenging inquisitive minds and nurturing creative self-expression. A place where academic achievement is attained through the building of each child’s critical and independent thinking skills, while fostering confidence and leadership. A place that embraces character education, ethics, honor, and integrity.

Here, we don’t have to imagine. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm, where students are motivated to investigate, examine, and analyze, attaining outstanding growth both academically and as contributing members of society.

Join our school family! We are looking for team players who can think out of the box and bring creative and innovative teaching methods to our students. Also looking for individuals who are warm, have a positive attitude, have great communication skills, are open and honest communicators with a strong work ethic.

Credentials/Minimum Requirements:

Holds a current certification in Elementary School, not to expire before the end of the upcoming school year.
Holds an undergraduate or a graduate degree in education, or a relevant related field.
General studies classroom experience of at least 2 years.
Strong communication and technology skills
Instructional Responsibilities

Prepares and implements appropriate long-range goals and objectives within his/her assigned age and developmental level, grade level and/or curricular area.
Establishes, implements, maintains, and evaluates the learning environment in which the academic, emotional, psychological, and social needs of the students are met.
Advises parents of student progress and communicates student expectations, student achievements, and reinforcement of classroom goals.
Demonstrates and differentiates methods required to perform classroom assignments to support the needs of individual students.
Conducts, on a day-to-day basis, classroom instruction relevant to the attainment of the written goals and objectives.
Manages student behavior for the purpose of providing a safe and optimal learning environment.
Develops and fulfills the requirements of the education programs.
Cooperates with his/her colleagues and administrators in the total operation of the program.
Prepares specific learning goals (long-range) and objectives (short-range) for students within his/her designated age and developmental level, grade level, and/or curricular area.
Implements the learning goals (long-range) and objectives (short-range) through appropriate lesson plans and daily instruction within his/her designated age and developmental level, grade level, and/or curricular areas
Creates and maintains a positive learning environment that empowers students.
Evaluates and modifies, on an ongoing basis, his/her teaching techniques relevant to the progress of the students.