SETSS Report Writer - Remote

Location: Remote, NY 11225
Position SETSS Report Writer
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Degrees: BA, BS
Organization Type Education & Schools, Youth, Family Services

CLL, a leading boutique special education organization, is seeking a dedicated and experienced SETSS Report Writer to join our remote team.

About the Role:

As a SETSS Report Writer, you will play a critical role in ensuring timely and accurate completion of quarterly reports for our staff providers. Responsibilities will include:

Maintaining consistent communication with staff providers: This includes scheduling regular meetings, responding to inquiries, and providing support throughout the report writing process.
Gathering and analyzing student data: You will be responsible for collecting data from various sources, including assessments, progress reports, IEPs, and our internal system.
Identifying student academic deficits: You will need to analyze the data to identify specific areas where students are struggling.
Developing individualized goals and interventions: Working with staff providers, you will create clear and measurable goals for each student, along with targeted interventions to address their specific needs, selecting from a library of available options within our system.
Writing comprehensive and accurate quarterly reports: Reports should be well-organized, easy to understand, and clearly document student progress and areas for improvement, utilizing the pre-populated data from our system.
Meeting deadlines: All reports must be completed and submitted to the appropriate parties by the established deadline, currently January 1st.


SETSS certification or equivalent experience in special education.
Strong understanding of IEP development and implementation.
Excellent data analysis skills.
Ability to identify and explain student academic deficits in clear and concise language.
Strong writing skills and attention to detail.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite.
Experience working remotely and independently.


Competitive salary and benefits package.
Flexible remote work environment.
Opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of children with special needs.
Work with a supportive and collaborative team.
Efficient report writing process with pre-populated data and a library of available goals.