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Location: Brooklyn, NY 11219
Position Program Director
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Organization Type Community Relations, Education & Schools

Program Director

Penimi was founded in 2013 to provide an effective and sophisticated response to contemporary challenges. It began as an educational organization, offering effective and transformational curricula in the areas of tznius and digital technology, which soon reached hundreds of schools across the US and abroad. Soon Penimi’s vision expanded and its reach skyrocketed. At present, Penimi services over 250 schools, impacts 250,000 students annually, and runs LinkUp and LinkUp Nook groups in communities around the world, impacting thousands of families each year—and it is continuously expanding.

Penimi is currently seeking a Program Director, reporting directly to the Executive Director, in the tri-state area to join our exceptional team. The Program Director, will be responsible for planning, executing, and managing Penimi’s home programs on a global scale. This role involves collaborating with communities both in person and through virtual events to provide support and education to women at multiple stages in their lives. The ideal candidate will take on the overall responsibility for the success of all program operations and contribute to the development of new initiatives while collaborating to drive visionary growth.

RESPONSIBILITIES: (Include, but are not limited to):
Strategic Partnership with Executive Director:
• Collaborate closely with the Executive Director to ensure alignment between their vision and program implementation efforts.

Program and Event Management:
• Develop and execute strategic plans for programs and events.
• Coordinate logistics, including venue selection, catering, and audiovisual arrangements for all home program events.
• Collaborate with internal teams and external vendors to ensure successful execution.
• Design in partnership with marketing team, promotional materials, and marketing strategies to attract participants.
• Manage registration processes, group formation and group maintenance of all home programs.
• Oversee all facilitator training, programming, and nurturing.

Communication and Marketing:
• Develop and implement communication strategies to promote programs and engage with the community.
• Create compelling marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and videos.
• Manage digital marketing campaigns to reach target audiences effectively through email and text messages.
• Collaborate with media outlets and program ambassadors to increase program visibility.
• Maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, partners, and sponsors through effective communication.
• Monitor and analyze marketing and communication metrics to measure effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.

• Genuine embrace of Penimi’s mission.
• Experience, ease, and skills with women at multiple stage of life.
• Exemplary organizational and interpersonal skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Strong computer aptitudes.
• Ability to handle multiple assignments and projects concurrently under pressure.
• Flexibility, high energy level, and patience to manage with sensitivity and confidentiality.
• Creative and innovative thinking to strengthen and expand programs.