Director of Education - SD Reconstruction Synagogue

Location: La Jolla, CA 92037
Position Director of Education
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Degrees: BA
Organization Type Synagogue

Synagogue and School Overview
Congregation Dor Hadash (A New Generation) is a Reconstructionist synagogue seeking to make Judaism relevant and meaningful for today's Jews and for future generations. We are a community of approximately 90 families from all throughout San Diego and San Diego County. We rent space in the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center (JCC) in La Jolla, CA, where we hold all of our events and programming. Our mission is to create a caring Jewish community in accordance with the values of Reconstructionism and to inspire exploration of Jewish spirituality. We affirm our sense of being Jewish through our shared past, and through communal worship, study, and celebration. We are egalitarian and inclusive. We address the needs of a wide diversity of Jewish members and interfaith family members. We are committed to providing a Jewish education for ourselves and for our children as this role is fundamental to a successful Jewish life in contemporary American society. And we are a participatory congregation. To strengthen a sense of community, we encourage involvement in democratic governance through study and values-based decision making. Our Gesher school has been continuous for over 40 years and currently ranges from 30 - 60 students with 3 - 5 paid educators depending on the year. We have an amazing engaged Rabbi, Yael Ridberg, and a board that is very involved in the Gesher school and youth programming.

Role Overview:
We are seeking a dynamic and passionate individual to fill the role of Director of Education. The ideal candidate will lead our close-knit Jewish "Gesher" Religious School program, overseeing all aspects from curriculum development and teacher management to fostering a warm and caring environment for students and families. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for organizing periodic children’s shabbat services and family High Holy celebrations, engaging with the community, connecting with families, and facilitating meaningful experiences within the synagogue. This position requires a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience in Jewish education, excellent communication skills, and a strong commitment to Jewish values and traditions.

This a salaried position with a starting salary between $45,000 - $50,000 per year, with modest professional development funds. On average, the position necessitates 20 - 30 hrs of work per week.

Program Management:
* Manage the Gesher Program's operations, including scheduling, curriculum, and budget.
* Develop and maintain a comprehensive yearly calendar of programs in collaboration with the Rabbi and
synagogue Board.
* Manage enrollment processes and maintain accurate student records with administrative support.
* Collaborate with the Education Committee, attend weekly staff meetings, and provide regular reports to the
synagogue Board.
* Assess and revise the Hebrew program in consultation with teachers.
* Work with on-site facilities team for program logistics and additional needs.
Curriculum Development:
* Evaluate, redesign, and implement a dynamic curriculum aligned with Reconstructionist educational
* Incorporate Jewish history, culture, language, and values into engaging activities for the various age groups.
* Stay updated on best practices in Jewish education and adapt the curriculum accordingly.
Teacher Management:
* Recruit, hire, and train qualified teachers and staff.
* Provide ongoing professional development opportunities.
* Conduct regular observations and evaluations to ensure high-quality instruction.
* Manage (in collaboration with synagogue bookkeeper) teacher contracts and payroll.
Communication & Community Building:
* Communicate effectively with students, parents, teachers, and stakeholders.
* Foster a sense of community within the Religious School by building strong relationships with families,
* Participate in relevant meetings, events, and collaborations with local Education Directors.
* Develop ritual events with the Rabbi and manage teen engagement initiatives.
* Maintain website content, newsletters, and other communication platforms
Additional Responsibilities:
* Collaborate with the Rabbi to manage the B'Mitzvah experience.
* Stay informed about current trends and issues in Jewish education.
* Work with JCC staff on logistics and event planning.
* Lead “Todah Shabbat” services (children’s Shabbat programming) and Family Services for High Holidays.

* Master's degree in Jewish Education or Education preferred.
* Minimum of 5 years of experience in Jewish education, preferably in a leadership role.
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
* Strong curriculum development and implementation skills.
* Ability to motivate and inspire others.
* Demonstrates commitment to Jewish values and traditions.
* Ability to read Hebrew.